• Flooring | tiling, carpet, stained slab, timber etc
  • Wall Covering | paint, wallpaper, wood panel, stone clad etc
  • Ceiling | paint, mouldings, aluminium etc
  • Lighting | task, mood, deco lighting etc
  • Window treatment | blinds, curtains, panel gliders, shades etc
  • Shop-fitting | bic’s, bars, kitchens etc
  • Furniture | tables, chairs, lounge seating, etc
  • Deco accessories | artwork, mirrors, rugs etc
  • Structural additions | architectural elements, walls, staircases, balustrades, doors, architraves, rails etc.


 The services are broken down as follows:

  • Space planning, this is the optimisation of the space by layout of furniture
  • Colour analysis, in line with the brand or sector
  • Theme and concept development
  • Image and brand identity, as part of the uniqueness of the brand captured by design
  • Construction drawing, relevant to all manufacturers and contractors
  • Custom made furnishings
  • Merchandise layout where applicable
  • Budget development
  • Professional project management



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